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March 2021 (The King's Sermon)

FBC Gallatin,

I have been so encouraged meditating on and diving into the early ministry of Jesus in our Matthew series. It is amazing how wise and powerful he was and is in comparison to so many false teachers who try to compete with Jesus in their own manufactured supposed works of miracles. When Jesus came on the scene, everything changed and it was undeniable. He was doing things that no other teacher or prophet had done before. And he was teaching with a different level of authority and persuasiveness that was causing crowds believing his message and becoming his disciples. Jesus is so clearly the real deal and we should worship him and thank him because of it!

It’s also been a really important and comforting reality that Jesus would identify with us as sinners and then defeat Satan in the wilderness at the start of his ministry. I say comforting, because as sinners ourselves, we are in big trouble. Unless, that is, we have someone to be our substitute and to take our place and to do what Adam and Eve, Abraham, David, and the disciples, and all mankind couldn’t do on their own. What a comforting thought that is. He has done it for us. He lived for us, and he also died for us. And he was tempted and tried for us as well. And he can relate to us and he has compassion for us because of his ability to relate to us as a human being. If this doesn’t get you excited about Jesus, I don’t know what else will! He is our great savior and King!

Now, as we move into the most monumental and “game-changing” sermon that was ever preached, we get to just continue in our awe and wonder of Jesus. Praising him for who he is, and what he did, and what he said, and what he preached. We will be diving into the sermon on the mount for the next few months so hold on tight as we look at Jesus’ sermon to see what he preached. Hold on tight as we see what the savior said in his famous sermon preached by preacher’s countless times throughout the history of the church. Hold on tight, as we look together at the King’s sermon!

And lastly, would you pray for me as I endeavor to continue to study and preach the Word to you? Would you pray that God would bless the preaching of his Word throughout the rest of this series in the Sermon on the Mount? Would you pray for our church and everyone who might visit our church that they might be edified and encouraged and even that some may be saved if they haven’t yet believed the gospel? I need your prayers church because without God and his work and power we can’t do anything. I appreciate you praying for me, I will continue to be praying for you as well.


Pastor Daniel Pelichowski

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