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Listen to series expositions: 1st John – "Evidence & Assurance: Serious Questions About Genuine Christianity"    Watch Series on YouTube

1st John Introduction Sermon: Assurance of salvation & evidence of genuine Christianity explored and the importance & benefit of expository preaching considered while overviewing the series. -2/2/20

1 John 1:1-4 “Do you believe in Jesus Christ?”— Belief in the apostolic teaching of Jesus Christ is essential to true Christianity and the basis of fellowship in the Church. Sermon points: #1 The pre-existence of the Son (1) #2 The Manifestation of the Son (2-3a) #3 The Church formed & Sustained (3b) #4 A True & Abiding Joy (4). -2/10/20

1 John 1:5-7 “Do you walk in the light?” — Simply claiming to know God and saying you have fellowship with him doesn't always indicate genuine Christianity. Sermon points: #1 God is light (5) #2 False Christians walk in darkness (6) #3 Genuine Christians walk in the light (7). -2/17/20

1 John 1:8-10 “Do you realize your sin?” — The way a person views themselves as it relates to their relationship with sin evidences either genuine Christianity or unbelief. Sermon points: #1 Darkness and the denial of sin (8,10) #2 Light and the confession of sin (9). -2/23/20

1 John 2:1-2 Do you have an advocate?” — The reality of remaining sin in the Christian life doesn't give us license to sin, but drives us to the only advocate and substitute for our sins. Sermon points: #1 Saved Sinners Seek to Avoid Sin (2:1a) #2 Saved Sinners have an Advocate (1b) #3 Saved Sinners have a Substitute (2). -3/1/20

1 John 2:3-6 “Do you keep His commandments?" — Being like Jesus and seeking to do what he commanded is one evidence of genuine Christianity that is objectively observable by us all. Sermon points: #1 To Keep, or not to Keep? (3-4) #2 Keeping leads to maturity (5a) #3 Imitation is Evidence (5b-6) -3/15/20

1 John 2:7-11 “Do you love other Christians?” — Jesus teaches us that loving one another is the foundational bedrock principle of Christian living exemplified most clearly to us in his very life and death. Sermon points: #1 The old commandment made new (7-8) #2 Darkness and the hatred of Christians (9, 11) #3 Light and the love of Christians (10). -3/22/20

1 John 2:12-14 “What stage of spiritual life are you in?” — The apostle John takes a brief detour from his instruction to encourage genuine Christians in different phases of their spiritual life. Sermon points: #1 New Christians (12, 13c) #2 Mature Christians (13a, 14a) #3 Growing Christians (13b, 14b) -3/30/20

1 John 2:15-17 “Do you love the world?” — Christians are bombarded with the temptations towards worldliness all around, but the apostle John gives reasons for them to identify and flee worldliness at all costs. Sermon points: #1 Christians Should Flee Worldliness (15) #2 Because Worldliness is Satanic (16) #3 And Worldliness isn't Lasting (17) -4/6/20

1 John 2:18-20 “Are you continuing in the faith?” — Some people walk away from their faith in Jesus, and others continue in the faith, and even if we aren't aware, the Bible gives us the reason genuine Christians continue in the faith. Sermon Points: #1 The era of the antichrists (18) #2 The reason some leave (19) #3 The reason some stay (20). -5/17/20

1 John 2:21-27 “Are you opposing antichrist?” — There are false teachers and antichrists that seek to deceive genuine Christians and the Bible teaches us about how to spot them and what to do in response to them. Sermon Points: #1 The beliefs of antichrists (21-23) #2 The deception of antichrists (26) #3 The Christian response to antichrists (24-25; 27) -5/24/20

1 John 2:28-3:3 “Are you prepared for His return?” — What difference should the future return of Jesus Christ make in our lives today? Sermon Points: #1 Confident Anticipation (28, 3:2b) #2 Loving Adoption (3:1-2a) #3 Holy Living (29, 3:3) -5/31/20

1 John 3:4-10 “Do you practice lawlessness?” — There was a change in every genuine Christian's life when they first believed the Gospel and that transformation is evident in the way they relate to sin. Sermon points (3:4-10): #1 Faker Lawlessness (4-5) #2 Genuine Righteousness (6-8a) #3 Satan's Defeat (8b-10) -6/7/20

1 John 3:11-4:6 “What does your evidence reveal?” — 7 tests or points of evidence that the apostle John gives the church to be able to observe to distinguish genuine Christians from fakers. Sermon Points: #1 The "Hater" Evidence (11-15) #2 Sacrificial Love Evidence (16-18) #3 Conflicted Assurance Evidence (19-20) #4 Confident Prayer Evidence (21-22) #5 Commandment Keeping Evidence (23-24a) #6 Internal Witness Evidence (24b) #7 Favorite Teachers' Evidence (4:1-6) -6/14/20

1 John 4:7-12 “Have you experiences God’s love?” — God's love is the root cause of all true love displayed by genuine Christians. Sermon Points: #1 God is Love (7-8) #2 God's Love: Demonstrated (9) #3 God's Love: First (10) #4 God's Love: Motivates (11) #5 God's Love: Seen (12). -6/21/20

1 John 4:13-21 “Do you have genuine Christian love?” — Anyone who truly experiences God's love will display genuine Christian love in their life. Sermon Points: #1 Trinitarian Relational Love (13-16) #2 Confident Love (17-18) #3 Brotherly Love (19-21) -7/12/20

1 John 5:1-5 “Have you been born of God?” — All the evidences of genuine Christianity point back to a foundational prior evidence of the new birth. 4 Evidences of the new birth: #1 Faith (1a) #2 Genuine Love (1b) #3 Obedience to Christ (2-3) #4 Overcoming the World (4-5) -7/19/20

1 John 5:6-12 “Do you have eternal life?” — God provides 3 witnesses regarding His Son and belief in God's magnificent testimony leads to eternal life. Sermon Points: #1 God's External Testimony: of His Son (Baptism, Atonement, Holy Spirit) [6-9...] #2 Internal Testimony: Personal Saving Faith in His Son [10...] #3 Experiential Testimony: Eternal Life in His Son [11-12...] -7/26/20

1 John 5:13-18a “Does your assurance lead to prayer?” — John wrote this letter of 1st John to encourage genuine Christians with assurance of salvation that leads to a confident relationship with God. Sermon Points: #1 Assurance of salvation is possible (13) #2 Assurance leads to confident prayer (14-15) #3 Assurance motivates prayers for lawless sinners (16-18a) -8/2/20

1 John 5:18b-21 “Who is your God?” — John only envisions two choices, either we are from God and believing in Jesus Christ, or we are from the Devil and of the world. Sermon Points: Who is your God? #1 Either the God who Protects? (18b) #2 Or, the god who destroys? (19) #3 Abide in the God of truth (20) #4 Avoid the false gods of idolatry (21) -8/9/20


Listen to topical series: "Understanding our Church Covenant" Watch Series on YouTube

— A series of teachings on our church covenant.

Church Covenant: "Introduction" — Brief introduction of the study of our church covenant during our monthly business/members meetings. Definition: "A church covenant is a promise. It is a promise made to God and one another by a group of Christians. It is a promise to live together distinctly as Christians, by God's grace.- Mark Dever -6/14/20

Church Covenant: "Commitment" — Explaining and applying the first paragraph of our church covenant on the commitment we make to one another as members of FBC Gallatin. Sermon Points: #1 Belief, #2 Baptism, #3 Commitment. -7/12/20

Church Covenant: "Ministry" — Explaining and applying the second paragraph of our church covenant about the ministry we promote and conduct in our local church. Sermon Points: #1 Loving Ministry, #2 Biblical Ministry, #3 Fruitful Ministry. -8/9/20

Church Covenant: "Witness" — Explaining and applying the third paragraph of our church covenant about the salt and light witness that we display as members of our church. Sermon Points: #1 Family Discipleship, #2 Personal Evangelism, #3 Christian Unity. -9/13/20

Church Covenant: "Care" — Explaining and applying the final section of our church covenant addressing the way a church is like a healthy family. Sermon Points: #1 Loving Family #2 Reconciling Family #3 Accountable Family. -11/15/20


Listen to topical series: “Understanding our Church Doctrine” Watch Series on YouTube

— A series of messages on the Baptist Faith & Message 2000 regarding what we believe together as a church. We have been going through the BF&M during our monthly business/members meetings. These sermons introduce our doctrinal statement with short sermons on each of the 18 articles from the BF&M (2000). 

BF&M Introduction –The purpose of doctrinal statements and confessions of faith was introduced with a particular focus on the Baptist Faith and Message (BF&M) 2000 in denominational life - 2/21/21

BF&M I: The Scriptures – The Bible is the standard for what we believe and how we live. Sermon Points: #1 The Miracle of Divine Inspiration… #2 The Trustworthy Word… #3 The Authoritative Word… #4 The Christ Centered Word… - 3/15/21

BF&M II: God – The nature of our Triune God and our beliefs about Him is of utmost importance in Christian doctrine. Sermon Points: Trinity Introduction… #1 God the Father… #2 God the Son… #3 God the Holy Spirit… - 4/11/21

BF&M III: Man – With all the confusion about humanity in our fallen world, the Bible provides clarity about human dignity, value, and purpose. Sermon Points: #1 God Specially Created Man... #2 Man Fell into Sin… #3 Mankind Remains Image Bearers with Dignity… - 7/18/21

BF&M IV: Salvation – The huge problem of mankind’s sin is met with our only hope in God’s plan and accomplishment of our salvation. Sermon Points: #1 Atonement - Saved: Trust in Cross... #2 Regeneration, Faith/Repentance… #3 Justification … #4 Sanctification & Glorification… - 8/8/21

BF&M V: God’s Purpose of Grace – The eternal plan and purpose of our triune God to secure our salvation happened before we were born and His gracious work continues throughout our lives and into the future. Sermon Points: #1 Election (to belief & worship...) #2 Perseverance & Preservation… - 9/12/21

BF&M VI: The Church – God invented, established, and gave orders to the Church of His redeemed people. Sermon Points: #1 Local Covenanting Church... #2 Local Worshiping Church on Mission… #3 Congregational Church… #4 Pastor’s Led, Deacon’s Served Church… #5 Universal Church… - 11/14/21

BF&M VII: Baptism and the Lord’s Supper – The two ordinances of the church instituted by Jesus illustrate how we publicly join and continue fellowship in the family of God in the local Church. Sermon Points: #1 Baptism... #2 Church Membership… #3 The Lord’s Supper…  - 2/20/22

BF&M VIII: The Lord’s Day – Christian’s debate what can and can’t be done on Sunday’s, and often miss God’s intended purpose for our joy! Sermon Points: #1 Christians Gather on Sunday’s... #2 To Celebrate the Gospel and Worship… #3 Since Sabbath Fulfilled… Lord’s Day is all for God’s Glory & Our Joy… - 3/13/22

BF&M IX: The Kingdom – The already not yet nature of the Kingdom clearly seen when King Jesus arrived to the world changing everything! Sermon Points: #1 God’s Sovereign Kingdom Rule... #2 God’s Spiritual Kingdom Reign (Already…) #3 God’s Future Kingdom Consummation (Not Yet…) - 4/10/22

BF&M X: The Last Things – The end of the world and future state will either be eternity in the New Heaven and Earth or eternal conscious punishment. Sermon Points: #1 The End of the World as we Know it... #2 The Return of the King!  #3 The Final Judgement... - 5/15/22

BF&M XI: Evangelism and Missions – One of the centered Church commitments of our church is the Great Commission which is also the mission of each local church all over the world. Sermon Points: #1 The Great Commission Commandment, Not Suggestion... #2 Born Again to See Others Born Again... #3 We do this by Verbal Gospel Preaching! - 6/12/22

BF&M XII: Education – Anti-intellectualism is rampant in our day, but the Bible encourages knowledge, learning, & truth. Sermon Points: #1 Christianity is the Foundation for all Knowledge... #2 Baptist Cooperate to Support Sound Biblical Education...  #3 Education Must be Doctrinally Sound & Accountable... - 8/14/22

BF&M XIII: Stewardship – God provides all things and owns all things and expects us to be faithful stewards of what He has given us. Sermon Points: #1 All good things come from God... #2 Time, Talents, Treasures for God…  #3 Gospel Motivated, Consistent, Proportionate, Teamwork Giving! - 10/16/22

BF&M XIV: Cooperation – Teamwork and cooperation really does enhance the reach and influence of everyone else when local churches work together for Great Commission ends. Sermon Points: #1 The Need for Cooperation... #2 The Nature of Cooperation…  #3 The Limits of Cooperation… - 1/16/23

BF&M XV: The Christian and the Social Order – How can Christians best display their salt and light influence in the public square? Sermon Points: #1 Present Christ as Supreme to All! #2 Uphold Biblical Ethics in all Areas!  #3 Seek to Make Things Better for All! - 2/20/23

BF&M XVI: Peace and War – What is the Christian view of just war and self-defense in the fallen world we live in? Sermon Points: #1 Seek to be at Peace with All… #2 Seek to End War, Even by Going to War if Just & Necessary… #3 Realize that only the Gospel of Christ Will Bring Lasting Peace! - 3/13/23

BF&M XVII: Religious Liberty – The Biblical ideal is a free state and free church each being and doing what God commands from Scripture. Sermon Points: #1 Religious Liberty of Conscience… #2 Purposes of Church and State… #3 Freedoms of Church and State... - 4/17/23

BF&M XVIII: The Family – In a world that seeks to destroy God’s plan for the family with their own agenda; God speaks a clear and authoritative word that all Christians should believe, display, and defend! Sermon Points: #1 Marriage and Family… #2 Husbands and Wives … #3 Parents and Children... - 5/14/23

Listen to series expositions: Genesis 1-11 “Creation, Fall, Consequences”   Watch Series on YouTube

Genesis 1:1-2:3 “The Creator Created” — God created all things by speaking them into existence and this amazing truth establishes God as the only one worthy of our worship. Sermon Points: #1 The Sovereign Creator #2 The Creator's Creation #3 The Creator's Purpose (8 Implications: 1. For His own glory... 2. To fill His creation with life... #3 To bless His creation... 4. To give people direction in life... 5. To create a people to worship Him... 6. To create a people who will reflect Him... 7. To model excellent work and rest... 8. To point forward to an eternal rest...) - 8/23/20

Genesis 1:26-27 “Image Implications” — Human being were created in the image of God and have intrinsic value and worth because of it. Sermon Points: #1 The Image of God Defined: Mankind’s Being (What We Are) Mankind’s Capacity (What We Can Do) Mankind’s Function (How We Act) Mankind’s Relationship’s (How We Interact) #2 The Image of God Applied #3 The Image of God Redeemed - 8/30/20

Genesis 1:28-31 “Work Like God” — Most people don't think about the purpose of work and callings in their lives but the Bible reveals that our work has value as we image and reflect God in what we do. Points: #1 Why We Do (Deployed Image Bearers Reflecting God) #2 What We Do (Act Like God by Reflecting Him in the Tasks He Gives Us) #3 How We Should Do It (Godly Good Work to Bless) - 9/6/20

Genesis 2:4-17 “The Creation Covenant” — God crafted a perfect setting and gave Adam and Eve unique capacity to be in a moral covenant relationship with Him. Sermon Points: #1 Eden: The Ideal Environment #2 Adam: Moral & Intellectual Capacity #3 Covenant: How God Relates to us – 9/15/20

Genesis 2:18-25 “Good Gender, Good Marriage” — God created both male and female human beings as relational beings in His image to reflect Him for His glory. Sermon Points: (2:18-25): #1 Adam Lacking a Suitable Companion (18-20) #2 Rejoice in the gift of your Spouse (21-23) #3 One Flesh Marital Covenant Relationship (24-25) – 10/4/20

Genesis 3:1-24 “The Consequential Fall” — The world’s biggest problem began and continues today because of the original or first sin in the garden. Sermon Points: #1 The Temptation (1-5) #2 The Original Sin (6-7) #3 The Confrontation (8-13) #4 The Consequences (14-19) #5 The New Habitation (20-24) – 10/11/20

Genesis 3:15 “The Gospel in Genesis” — God gives Gospel hope even in the midst of giving the terrible consequences of the fall. Sermon Points: #1 God went to Adam & Eve in their sin #2 Redemption Anticipated & Prophesied #3 Hope in ALL the consequences of the fall #4 Covering provided through sacrifice #5 The 1st Adam vs the 2nd Adam – 10/18/20

Genesis 4:1-26 “Family Murder” — The first real life horror story of murder and deception comes shortly after the consequential fall into sin. Sermon Points: #1 True Worship vs False Worship (1-7) #2 A Rebellious Heart Leading to Angry Murder (8-16) #3 The Offspring of the Serpent Getting Worse (17-24) #4 The Offspring of the Woman’s Glimmer of Hope (25-26) – 10/25/20

Genesis 5:1-6:8 “Degradation & Near Extermination” — After the fall mankind continued to get worse and progressed into more pervasive corruption by choosing to pursue sinful desires instead of walking with God. Sermon Points: #1 Generations of Death: Cain vs Seth’s offspring (Gen 5) #2 From bad, to worse, to almost complete extermination (6:1-7) #3 Grace, hope, and continuation through Noah (6:8) – 11/1/20

Genesis 6:9-7:24 “God’s Flood of Judgement” — God's judgement in the flood points us to the need of His grace to escape future judgement like Noah and his family. Sermon Points: #1 Noah: Saved by grace through faith… #2 God: Love, Wrath, & Judgement… #3 Jesus Christ: The Better Ark... – 11/8/20

Genesis 8:1-9:17 “The Noahic Covenant” — The aftermath of the flood reveals God's unconditional gracious promise as well as the importance for believers to lead their families in the worship of God and obedience to his word. Sermon Points: #1 Out of the Ark (8:1-19) #2 Worship, Reset, & New Rules (8:20-9:7) #3 An Everlasting Covenant (9:8-17) – 11/15/20

Genesis 9:18-11:26 “Scattered Nations” — Noah’s son’s descendants are sovereignly spread out over the face of the earth after the babel incident leading to God’s special favor on one of Shem’s descendants. Sermon Points: #1 Adam, Noah, Nations, Abraham… (Gen 10; 11:10-26) #2 Sinful Family Matters… (9:18-29) #3 Scattered from the Towers… (11:1-9) - 11/22/20


Listen to topical series: "Centered Commitments" Watch Series on YouTube

— A Series Exploring FBC Gallatin's Core Commitments.

"Centered Church" — There are so many good things that churches can be doing at any given time, but there are certain things they must be doing if they are going to be centered church on what God has revealed. Sermon Points: #1 Word Centered #2 Gospel (Message) Centered #3 Disciple (Messenger) Centered. -1/10/21

"Expository Preaching" — Preaching that is Word centered and Gospel centered for the building up of the people of God is most glorifying to God. Sermon Points: What is expository preaching? #1 An explanation of the Word #2 Centered on the Gospel #3 Aimed at growing & making disciples Why do you need expository preaching? #1 The Word is the standard of your life #2 The Gospel encourages believers #3 The Word & Gospel builds you up. - 1/17/21

"Intentional Discipleship" — God is glorified when churches and Christians prioritize growing and helping others grow in the Christian life of discipleship. Sermon Points: Building Up Disciples: #1 Growing by the Word #2 Growing in the Gospel #3 Growing as Disciples Discipling Each Other: #1 Discuss the Word #2 Apply the Gospel #3 Live among Disciples. -1/24/21

"The Great Commission" — The Great Commission has more to do with your local church than you might have previously considered. Sermon Points: #1 Word Centered Great Commission #2 Gospel Centered Great Commission #3 Disciple Centered Great Commission. -1/31/21


Listen to series expositions: Matthew 1-7 — "Kingdom Come" Watch Series on YouTube

Matthew 1:1-25 “The Savior Born” – The long expected messianic savior and king has come! Sermon Points: #1 The Savior’s Royal Lineage (1-17) #2 The Savior’s Birth Announced (18-25) #3 The Savior’s Purpose in Coming (21; 23) -11/29/20

Matthew 2:1-12 “Wise Men Worship” – The events following Jesus' birth and the unexpected expedition of the Magi reveal how special this newborn baby really was. Sermon Points: #1 An Unexpected Expedition (1-2) #2 A Deceitful Ruler (3-8) #3 A Miraculous Star (9-10) #4 A Child-King Worshiped (11) #5 A Dream Warning (12). -12/6/20

Matthew 2:13-23 “The Savior Protected” – As Herod's intentions to kill the baby king Jesus became apparent, God's protection of Jesus through providing divine travel plans through multiple dreams was glorious. Sermon Points: #1 An Escape Dream (13-15) #2 A Toddler Nightmare (16-18) #3 A Round Trip Dream (19-21) #4 A Hometown Dream (22-23) -12/13/20

Matthew 3:1-17 “The Savior Baptized” – The Kingdom had arrived with Jesus and His earthly ministry began at the river Jordan. Sermon Points: #1 John the Baptist (1-6) #2 Offspring of Vipers (7-10) #3 Spirit & Fire (11-12) #4 Gospel Baptism (13-17) – 2/7/21

Matthew 4:1-11 “The Savior Tempted” – Jesus was led into the wilderness after his baptism to be tempted and tried and the results have everything to do with those of us who have been tempted and failed. Sermon Points: Test #1 Tempted with Physical Desire (1-4) Test #2 Tempted with Presumptuous Proof (5-7) Test #3 Tempted with Idolatrous Worship (8-11)-2/21

Matthew 4:12-25 “The King’s Ministry” – Unlike religious charlatans, we see here in the Bible the unique, mighty, and oh so powerful ministry of King Jesus! Sermon Points: #1 Kingdom Ministry Come (vs. 12-17…); #2 Kingdom Workers Called (vs 18-22…); #3 Kingdom Power Demonstrated (vs 23-25…) -2/28/21

Matthew 5:1-7:29 “The King’s Sermon” – The big picture of the Sermon on the Mount reveals Jesus' pervasive Kingdom living focus for every believer in the Kingdom as well as contrasting every unbeliever outside of it. Sermon Points: #1 The King Preacher #2 The King's Preaching Purpose #3 The King's Preaching Themes #4 The King's Sermon (Matthew 5-7) -3/7/21

Matthew 5:1-12 “Kingdom Attitudes” – The beatitudes reveal the kingdom character of believers who have repented and already entered the kingdom through Christ. Sermon Points: #1 Blessed Lowliness: Are you poor in spirit? Do you mourn? Are you meek? #2 Blessed Holiness: Do you crave righteousness? Do you show mercy? Are you pure in heart? #3 Blessed Suffering: Do you make peace? Are you persecuted? Are you slandered for Christ? -3/21/21

Matthew 5:13-16 “Salt and Light” – Christians make a vital impact on the world for good through their distinct character, godly living, and gospel witness. Sermon Points: 1. Kingdom Saltiness (13) 2. Kingdom Light (14-15) 3. Kingdom Glory (16). -3/28/21

Matthew 5:17-20 “The Law of Christ” – King Jesus explains and will fulfill every last Old Testament anticipation and expectation. Sermon Points: #1 Old Testament Relevance... #2 Old Testament Fulfillment... #3 Law of Christ Obedience... -5/2/21

Matthew 5:21-26 “Secret Murder” – Anger is a common problem that many minimize, but Jesus addresses the secret murder in all our hearts and calls us to repent of it rather than excuse it. Sermon Points: #1 Angry Inner Bitter Murderers (21-22a) #2 Angry Outer Explosive Murderers (22b...) #3 Angry Urgent Conflict Resolvers (23-26) -5/16/21

Matthew 5:27-30 “Secret Adultery” – Jesus' teaching about sexual sin can seem so dated & out of touch, but his truthful teaching on this topic is exactly what we need to set us free from the moral insanity of our day. Sermon Points: #1 Lustful Secret Sexual Sin (27-28) #2 Honest Urgent Lust Repentance (27-28) #3 Radical Observable Lust Avoidance (29-30) -6/13/21

Matthew 5:31-37 “Faithful & Trustworthy” – In a culture of frivolous divorce & deception; our marriages & integrity as Christians will be salt and light to everyone around us. Points: #1 Unfaithful Adulterous Divorce (5:31-32), #2 Untruthful Deceptive Oaths (5:33-37), #3 Faithful & Trustworthy Disciples (32, 37). -6/27/21

Matthew 5:38-48 “Loving Bad People” – Christians are a witness when they respond and engage bad people in unthinkable ways (to the world) by loving them in return. Sermon Points: Love bad people by: #1 Returning Evil with Good (38-42), #2 Positively Blessing, Praying, & Greeting them (43-48). -7/11/21

Matthew 6:1-4 “Generosity Rewarded” – We will be rewarded one way or another: Either by man or by God... Which side are you on? Sermon Points: Intro: Motivation Matters & Reward (vs 1) #1 Rewarded by Man (2-4), #2 Rewarded by God (2-4). -7/18/21

Matthew 6:5-15 “Pray Like Jesus” – Did you realize that in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus spends just as much time telling us how not to pray as he does telling us how to pray? Sermon Points: #1 Prayer Don't (5-8), #2 Prayer Do's (5-8), Pray Like Jesus: #1 Praise Him (9), #2 Thank Him (10a), #3 Follow Him (10b), #4 Ask Him (11), #5 Confess to Him (12), #6 Depend on Him (13). -7/25/21

Matthew 6:16-24 “Eternal Investments” – Is your investment strategy portfolio merely worldly, leading to Hell, or eternal, leading to treasures in Heaven? Sermon Points: #1 Give, Pray, Fast for Treasures! (16-18), Either #2 Earthly Hell Treasures, Or; #3 Heavenly Eternal Treasures (19-24). -8/1/21

Matthew 6:25-34 “Help for the Anxious” – Thankfully, Jesus not only commands us not to be anxious, he gives us helpful reasons for us to trust the Father in times of worry, fear, & anxiety. Sermon Points: Intro: 3 anxious examples, 5 Helps: #1 Help... for Earthly Possessions (24-25), #2 Help... for Health & Wellbeing (27), #3 Help... for Provision & Sustenance (25-26, 28-30, 31-32), #4 Help... for Earthly Ambitions (33), #5 Help... for Unknown Future (34) -8/8/21

Matthew 7:1-12 “Humble and Needy” – Christians humbly address the huge log of sin in our own eye first before they try to deal with the tiny spec of sin in other people's lives. Sermon Points: #1 Judgmental Religious Hypocrites (1-4) #2 Humble Christian Counselors (5-6) #3 Needy Childlike Prayer (7-12) -8/15/21

Matthew 7:13-23 “The Faker’s Surprise” – Sadly, some professing Christians aren't always what they seem, so Jesus warns about & challenges the fakers in the Church. Points: #1 Hard Christianity, Easy Fakes (13-14) #2 Faker Danger, Withered Fruit (15-20) #3 Confident Faker, Deadly Surprise (21-23) -8/22/21

Matthew 7:24-29 “Wise & Foolish Living” – Jesus reveals that the way people respond to his sermon and the rest of the Scriptures points to either wise of foolish living. Sermon Points: #1 The King Preacher's Authoritative Sermon (28-29); Either, #2 Wisely Do What the King Says (24-25), or #3 Foolishly be Wiped Out (26-27). 8/29/21


Listen to topical series: "Understanding Ordinances & Membership" Watch Series on YouTube

— A impromptu series because it "started" in the 2020 pandemic with a sermon on communion, "ended" in 2021 on baptism, only then to continue on to address church membership, then even continued in 2023 to address preaching, discipleship, the Great Commission, as well as our mission statement.

"Benefiting from Communion" – Since the gospel is central to Christianity, the ordinance representing the gospel should be joyfully celebrated! Sermon Points: #1 Remembering • He called his shot • He started a family tradition • Continuing until He Returns #2 Together • Not a private practice • Look around at what He has done • A unifying meal for New Covenant Christians #3 With Joy • Joyfully Forgiven • Joyfully Adopted • Joyfully Committed. -6/28/20

"Benefitting from Baptism" – Baptism is not only a one time act Jesus commanded us to do after we believe, but a blessing for us to be encouraged as we remember it.. Sermon Points: #1 Public Profession • Commanded • First Act in Response to Salvation • For All to Know and See Unashamedly #2 Gospel Picture • Cleansing of Sin • Union with Christ • Gospel: Death, Burial, Resurrection #3 Church Entrance • Team Christianity Jersey • Church Affirmation of your Profession • Baptized into Membership. -4/7/21

"Ordinances & Membership" – Both of the ordinances are not meant to stand alone but to go together. Sermon Points: #1 How Do Ordinances Relate to Each Other? • Summaries & Loose Ends • Team Jersey, Team Meal! • Clarifying the "What If's?" #2 What is Church Membership? • Church & Believer Mutual Partnership • Covenant & Doctrine Agreement • Official Team Member #3 How Do Ordinances Relate to Membership? • Baptized: Local Church Membership • Unifying Family Membership Meal • Family Discipline: Oath Sign Withheld. -4/18/21

"Benefiting from Membership" – If your church membership doesn't require anything from you then it's a waste of time... Sermon Points: #1 Benefiting Members Show Up • Bible Study, Worship Service, Ordinances • Prayer Services (1st & 3rd Sunday Evenings) • Business/MEMBERS Meetings (2nd Sunday) #2 Benefiting Members Participate • Spiritual Gifts... • Insightful Spirit Filled Wisdom… • Various Means of Mutual Support... #3 Benefiting Members Experience Family Care • Loving Unity… • Upbuilding Discipleship… • Encouraging Accountability… -4/25/21

"Benefiting from Preaching" – A message about our pursuit of benefiting from the preaching of the word week in and out. #1 Prepare #2 Engage #3 Respond! -1/8/23

"Benefiting from the Discipleship Commission"The final sermon in the impromptu makeshift years long "series" really tying preaching, intentional discipleship, and the Great Commission all together with the mission statement of our church. #1 Becoming #2 Growing #3 Going -1/15/23

Listen to topical series: "Intentional Discipleship" Watch Series on YouTube

— A series about helping others grow (Men, Women, Children) in the Christian life & other selected pertinent sermons on this centered commitment at FBC.

"Gospel Centered Women's Discipleship" Titus 2:3-5 - We need to encourage women to be godly theological giants in our churches to teach, disciple, and counsel the Word! If we don’t have women who are equally trained, educated, and deployed as our pastors, 50% of our congregations will not be discipled well... Sermon Points: #1 Who leads Gospel Centered Women's Discipleship? #2 What must these leaders be like? #3 What must these leaders do? - 9/26/21

"Gospel Centered Men's Discipleship"1 Corinthians 16:13-14 - We want all the men of FBC to be growing towards this vision of biblical manhood as seen in the scriptures, and to be intentionally seeking to help other men grow in the Christian life as well! Characteristics of a Godly Man: #1 Godly Character (Converted-Christlike-Growing) #2 Godly Work Ethic (Motivated - Hard Working - Excellence #3 Godly Husbands (Sacrificial - Loving - Headship) #4 Godly Fathers (Joyful - Engaged - Disciple Makers) #5 Godly Churchmen (Committed - Servant - Leaders) #6 Godly Disciplers (Intentional - Masculine - Mentors) - 10/24/21

 "Gospel Centered Children's Discipleship" – As Christians, we should all have a biblical vision for the discipleship of children and youth in our homes and in our church. We hope this sermon and series as a whole might serve as encouragement to us all to have it on our radars to be doing spiritual good to those around us. Sermon Points: #1 Love (them) #2 Worship (with them) #3 Teach (them) #4 Disciple (them) #5 Correct (them) #6 Lead (them) - 11/7/21


Listen to series expositions: Galatians — "Gospel Centered Justification" Watch Series on YouTube

Galatians 1:1-9 “Heresy Exposed” – Paul urgently sounded the “tornado warning” of the dangerous problem of false teachers who came to town after he left. Sermon Points: #1 Don’t Forget the ‘God of the Gospel’ (1-5) #2 Don’t be a ‘Gospel Deserter’ (6-9) - 11/14/21

Galatians 1:10-24 “Converted to Preach” – Does your conversion testimony center on God's miraculous transformation of your life, or is it more centered around making yourself look good? Sermon Points: #1 Is Your Conversion Testimony God or Man Centered? (10-12) #2 Does it Describe Your Godless Life Before Conversion (13-14) #3 …Share How & Why God Converted You? (15-21) #4 Does Your Conversion Testimony Glorify God? - 11/21/21

Galatians 2:1-10 “Unified Ministry” – If believers don't get on the same page to defend Gospel truth; they will be "devoured" by the wolf-like enemies of the Gospel who sneak into the Church to hurt them. Sermon Points: #1 Comparing Gospel Notes (1-3) #2 Standing up to Legalists (4-5) #3 United in Gospel Ministry (6-10)- 11/28/21

Galatians 2:11-14 “Hypocrisy Rebuked” – Christians are susceptible to conduct that is out of step with the Gospel; so we need to learn how to recognize & repent while helping each other out & holding each other accountable when we drift in various ways. Sermon Points: #1 Man-Fearing Hypocrisy (11-12) #2 Hypocritical Influence (13) #3 Gospel Denying Conduct (14) - 12/5/21

Galatians 2:15-16 “Justification by Faith” – The apostle Paul reminded Peter about the only way either of them or any of us will be made right with God!!! Sermon Points #1 Believers are Not Justified by Works (15-16) #2 Believers Are Justified by Grace through Faith! (15-16) - 12/12/21

Galatians 2:17-21 “Justified Living” Once a believer like Paul, or the reformer Martin Luther, or you is justified, it changes everything about the way they live their lives going forward – Sermon Points: #1 All Believers are Justified Sinners (17) #2 All Believers Died to Law Righteousness (18-19) #3 All Believers are in Union with Christ (20) #4 Christ Died to Accomplish Our Righteousness (21) - 12/26/21

Galatians 3:1-9 “Hearing with Faith” – If you struggle with the ups and downs roller coaster in your religious life; get back to the Gospel you first believed. Sermon Points: #1 Gospel Hearing, Spirit Receiving (1-2) #2 Living by the Spirit through Faith (3-5) #3 Abraham’s Hearing with Faith (6-9) - 1/23/22

Galatians 3:10-14 “Cursed” – If you rely on the works of the law, you might as well be climbing an infinite steep mountain without a rope. Therefore, the only rescue from this inevitable cursed plummet to the bottom is for Jesus to take on the curse unto himself as our substitute. Sermon Points: #1 Cursed Law Keepers (10-12) #2 Cursed Christ Substitutes (13-14) - 1/30/22

Galatians 3:15-18 “The Promised Offspring” – The ultimate promise finds it’s fulfillment in Jesus and is kept for the sake of all who trust in Jesus for salvation. Sermon Points: #1 Seed Promise Fulfilled in Christ (16) #2 The Abrahamic Promise is Unbroken (15,17) #3 Law Keepers Forfeit the Promise (18) - 2/6/22

Galatians 3:19-25 “From Guardian to Christ” – The promise led to the “tool” of the Mosaic law that pointed to our desperate need for the promise to be fulfilled in Christ! Sermon Points: #1 Why then the Law after Promise? (19-20) #2 The Law Pointed to the Promise (21-22) #3 The Law was the Guardian until the Promise was Kept (23-25) - 2/13/22

Galatians 3:26-29 “Abraham’s Diverse Offspring” – The Gospel brings Christians who have many differences together as adopted children in God's family. Sermon Points: #1 Adopted Union (26-27) #2 Diverse Unity (28) #3 Christ’s Family (29) - 2/20/22

Galatians 4:1-11 “Slaves Adopted” – Every person is born enslaved to the elementary principles and system of the world; however, believers have been freed from that slavery through faith and are justified and adopted into God’s family! Sermon Points: #1 Once (they were) Heir Slaves (1-2) #2 Now (we are) Slaves Adopted (3-7) #3 Why then go back from Free Sons to Slavery? (8-11) - 2/27/22

Galatians 4:12-20 “Truth Telling Friends” –In an unexpected surprise, Paul’s instruction to the Galatians relates quite perfectly to the topic of true friendship. Points: #1 Intimate Truth Tellers (12-16) #2 Avoid Deceptive Flatters (17-18) #3 Esteem Leader/Pastors who seek Your Christian Growth (19-20) - 3/20/22

Galatians 4:21-31 “Legalistic Slavery vs Gospel Freedom” – The famous story from Genesis of Hagar and Sarah was intended to picture a shocking contrast clearly highlighting God's amazing grace in fulfilling His promises! Sermon Points: #1 Law Slavery (Hagar) vs Faith Freedom (Sarah) (21-31) #2 Anticipate Legalistic Persecution (28-29) #3 Reject, Expose, & Cast Out the Legalists (30-31) - 4/10/22

Galatians 5:1-12 “Free and Unhindered” – Many believers start the long race of the Christian life well but end up stumbling, or going the wrong way, or getting distracted and losing stamina, and Paul realizes that and refocuses us on what matters most. Sermon Points: #1 Stand Free, Don’t Fall! (1-4) #2 Run in the Spirit by Faith! (5-8) #3 Cut off the Leaven!!!! (9-12) - 5/15/22

Galatians 5:13-15 “Christian Cannibalism” – Believe it or not, Christians can be tempted to metaphorically bite and devour each other like cannibals, but the apostle Paul reminds us to pursue servant hearted love instead. Sermon Points: #1 Not Careless Sinning… But Practical Loving… (13) #2 Not Angry Hateful Selfish Biting… But Love of God and Neighbor Biding… (14-15) - 5/22/22

Galatians 5:16-26 “Confessions of a Spirit Filled Christian” – Paul surveys the two sides of the battle showing the opposition of the flesh and the Spirit as he lists 16+ sinful attributes or the "works of the flesh" and 9 godly attributes or the "fruit of the Spirit!" Sermon Points: #1 Walk by the Spirit in Faith even in your Imperfect Frustrations (16-18) #2 Daily Put to Death the Works of the Flesh Inside You to Limit Outward Sinful Actions (19-21) #3 Progressively Cultivate the Fruit of the Spirit Inside You to Manifest Outward Godly Actions (22-26) - 5/29/22

Galatians 6:1-5 “Bear Burdens” – Every local church must choose to either be a hospital for the struggling and hurting or a coliseum where people use their words to stab and devour one another Sermon Points #1 Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself (3-5) #2 To Be Ready To Restore Struggling Christians (1) #3 And Ready to Bear All Kinds of Burdens (2) - 6/5/22

Galatians 6:6-10 “Sowing and Reaping” – Paul anticipates the common problem of weariness and encourages us all to continue to persevere in the Christian life even when things look bleak. Sermon Points: #1 Support Faithful Pastors for their Word Ministry (6) #2 Sow to the Spirit, Not the Flesh (7-8) #3 Persevere in Spirit Sowing & Good Doing! (9-10) - 6/19/22

Galatians 6:11-18 “Boast in the Cross!” – We will either boast in our own works or God’s work for us. Sermon Points #1 Manipulative Hypocritical Boasting (11-13) #2 Gospel Motivated Justification Boasting (14-15) #3 Transformed, Justified, Confident Living (16-18) - 6/26/22 


Listen to topical series: "Christian Friendships" (Follow up topical sermon from Galatians 4:12-20 unexpected sermon on the topic) Watch Series on YouTube

"Christian Friendships" – Do you realize how important prioritizing and cultivating significant Christian friendships are for your life and the life of our church? sermon Points: Question #1 Who are these Christians, anyways??? Question #2 What are Christians Friendships? Question #3 Why do these Christian friendships matter… (or what should we be doing in these friendships???) - 3/27/22

Christian Friendship Quick Tips:

Tip #1 Christians hang out. 

Tip #2 Encourage one another with the Bible & Gospel.

Tip #3 Christians pray for one another.

Tip #4 Care for the practical needs of each other. 

Tip #5 Mourn and Rejoice with each other. 

Tip #6 Admonish one another: humble care & concern 

Tip #7 Repent to one another when they sin. 

Tip #8 Edify each other with their spiritual gifts. 

Tip #9 Pursue the Great Commission together. 


Listen to topical series: "Gospel Motivated Partnerships" Watch Series on YouTube

— Sermons developing the importance of like-minded Gospel focus in all of our ministry partnerships, giving, and support. 

"GTS Testimony: Building up disciples across the nations" - Sam shared about his future work in Abu Dhabi at Gulf Theological Seminary training pastor's, missionaries, and church workers to be better equipped to handle God's Word! - 5/1/22

Romans 15:8-21 "A Holy Ambition" - Sam preached about the glory of God and desire to make more worshippers in the Great Commission pursuing unreached places to see more people make much of Jesus! “So, rather than spending much more time talking about this ministry in particular, I’d like for us rather to sit under God’s Word and meditate on His mission to save a people from every tribe and tongue and nation. I want, in other words, for us to let God’s Word orient us around what we should care about, because if what my family is doing in the Middle East doesn’t align with God’s mission on this earth, it may be exciting but it shouldn’t demand our attention.” - Dr. Parkison - 5/1/22

"Gospel Motivated Partnerships" - This sermon explains why we are seeking Gospel motivated partnerships not only through the Cooperative Program (CP) of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), but that all of our participation and partnerships are due to our like-minded vision of ministry with other likeminded churches, ministries, pastors, and missionaries. Our cooperation with the Great Commission Southern Baptists is robust, but we always evaluate all of our partnerships based on the Gospel and our Centered Church Commitments as a Word, Gospel, and Disciples Centered Church. We seek align all of our ministry with this “bullseye” focus through our commitment to Expository Preaching, Intentional Discipleship, and the Great Commission, all to fulfill our mission of glorifying God by building up and reaching out! Our partnerships are seen through our Local, Domestic, and international cooperation and focuses on displaying our Gospel Motivated Partnerships and demonstrates the great reach that we have as a local church in partnering with other believers for the Glory of God in the fulfilling of the Great Commission. The sermon ends with a stirring testimony of two of our members (Doug & Shirley Laney) who served for 12 years in Papua New Guinea. - 5/8/22.  

Listen to topical series: "Wonderfully Created" Watch Series on YouTube

— A series on the sanctity of life.

Psalm 139:1-14 "Wonderfully Made" – In the wake of the Dobbs decision overturning Roe v Wade and Casey has led to polarizing responses, but how should the Christian respond and think about this issue? #1 Wonderful Knowledge (1-6) #2 Wonderful Presence (7-12), #3 Wonderful Creation (13-14) -7/10/22

Psalm 139: 14-24 "Fearfully Made" – Part two of an exposition of one of the most relevant Psalm in the bible about the sanctity and great value of human life created by God with intrinsic value and worth. #1 Fearful Creation (14-18), #2 Fearful Judgement (19-22), #3 Fearful Repentance (23-24) - 7/17/22


Listen to topical series: "Abortion Worldviews" Watch Series on YouTube

— Our series on the sanctity of life extended to explore divergent worldviews. 

"Abortion Worldviews: Pro-Choice" – Understanding the different worldviews of the pro-choice movement will better help Christians bolster their own worldview commitments, and also engage others in meaningful discussion with people coming from different places on this and many other related topics. -7/24/22

Sermon Points:

#1 No Holds Bar (No Excuses)...

• Consistent Atheistic Naturalism

• Apathetic Agnosticism

• Eugenicist Dictators, Satanism, etc...

#2 Pro-Choice Warriors (Strong Excuses)...

• Atheistic Naturalism, Agnostics,

• Radical Feminism, Secular Hedonists,

• Mainline Protestants, Some Catholics

• Other Religions Publicly Arguing Choice

• Planned Parenthood / Industry $$$

#3 Out of Sight, Out of Mind (Secret Excuses)...

• Uniformed or Naïve (intentionally, or not)

• Circumstantial Ethics Based on Unexpected Pregnancy

• Secret Hidden Evangelicals, Catholics, Others typically against.

"Abortion Worldviews: Pro-Life" – It takes a village to abort a child, and it also takes a village to protect children as well... Let's be a church that promotes and protects and defends innocent preborn vulnerable lives against the culture of death... -7/31/22

Sermon Points:

#1 Defenders of Humanity...

#2 Protectors Against Insanity...

#3 Helpers in the Midst of Tragedy...


Listen to topical series: "Downcast" Watch Series on YouTube

— A series about understanding and helping hurting people.

"Depression Help!" – People deal with a diverse range of internal suffering for a variety of reasons that Christians must understand for themselves and others. Sermon Points: #1 Compassionate Understanding... #2 Complex Causes of Depression... #3 Consider you own Inner Soul Health... #4 Care for those Suffering & Depressed... -8/7/22

"Anxiety Help!" – The Bible gives us so much inspired truth to better understand the many different struggles that people face with this very difficult and unpleasant problem of anxiety that confronts us all in varying degrees. Sermon Points #1 Types of Concern, Worry, Anxiety & Fear... #2 The Causes & Effects of Anxiety... #3 - 12 Biblical Helps for the Anxious: #1 Chief End... #2 Don't Go it Alone! #3 Pursue a Clean Conscience... #4 Pray WHEN Anxious... #5 Feed on God's Word #6 Pursue Heavenly Treasure #7 Fight the Fear of Man #8 Take it one Anxious Thought at a Time #9 Rest!!! Sleep!!! Play!!! #10 Find the Secret of Contentment #11 Centralize Spiritual Priorities #12 Lean on the Peace of the Gospel! -8/14/22

"Despair Help!" – We don't have to pretend everything is "okay" if it's not because the Bible honestly portrays the experience, care, and language (lament) of the hopeless. Sermon Points: #1 The Experience of Despair... #2 Caring for the Hopeless... #3 Learning to Lament... -8/21/22

"Helping the Downcast" – Only growing Christians will be equipped and interested to help the downcast... Are you growing, and are you helping? Sermon Points: 1 Every Believer a Helper... #2 Not all "Helpers" are Helpful... #3 So, Grow in Your Helping Ability... #4 And Above all, Love the Downcast! -8/28/22

"Vapor Lessons" – A sermon on the brevity of life in light of family loss... Lesson #1 God cares for broken hearts… Lesson #2 Grieving is better together… Lesson #3 God is our Refuge... Lesson #4 Remember, Life is Short... Lesson #5 Know Your Destination... Lesson #6 Live Today in Light of the Resurrection... Lesson #7 Cling to the Gospel... -10/2/22

Listen to series expositions: Kingdom Power: Expositions of Matthew 8-18 Watch Series on YouTube

Matthew 8:1-17 “The Healing Savior” – After the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus demonstrated his power by compassionately and decisively healing and delivering many. Sermon Points: #1 The Unclean (1-4) #2 The Outsider (5-13) #3 The Believer (14-15) #4 The Oppressed (16-17) – 10/9/22

Matthew 8:18-34 “The Authoritative King” – Who’s the boss? Jesus! And he shows it through his unmatched authority over all things!!! Over our lives, over nature, and even over the dark spiritual realm. Sermon Points: #1 King Over Convenience & Plans... (18-22) #2 King Over Storms & Sea... (23-27) #3 King Over Satan & Demons... (28-34) – 10/16/22

Matthew 9:1-17 “The Sinner Saver” – Jesus came not just to heal from physical infirmities, but he came to heal us from our biggest problem! Sermon Points: #1 The Paralytic Sinner... (1-8) #2 The Blatant Sinner... (9-13) #3 The Religious Sinner... (14-17) – 10/23/22

Matthew 9:18-34 “The Reviver” – Jesus is the great reviver who miraculously gives hurting and even dead people energy, life, sight, and speech! Sermon Points: #1 The Woman Revived #2 The Dead Revived #3 The Blind Revived #4 The Mute Revived – 10/30/23

Matthew 9:35-38 “Gospel Farming” – The farmers nightmare is presented by Jesus, and a solution to this ghastly nightmare is also provided. Sermon Points: #1 Lost & Helpless Sheep... (35-36) #2 Plentiful Harvest, Limited Laborers… (37) #3 Pray for More Gospel Farmers!!! (38) – 11/6/22

Matthew 10:1-15 “Gospel Farmers Sent” – Jesus called, prepared, trained, & sent gospel famers according to His plan and gave them a mission! Sermon Points: #1 The Twelve Farmers... #2 The Farmers Mission... #3 The Farmers Curse... – 11/20/22

Matthew 10:16-33 “Gospel Farmers Persecuted” – Jesus preached a sermon on missions and persecution to prepare his disciples for what was coming. Sermon Points: #1 Persecution Equipping... (16-20) #2 Persecution Strategy... (21-25) #3 Persecution Comfort... (26-31) #4 Persecution Test... (32-33) – 11/27/22

Matthew 10:34-11:1 “Exclusive Discipleship” – Jesus isn’t calling us to add him beside all our other priorities. Sermon Points: #1 Jesus Above Family... #2 Jesus Above Life... #3 Jesus Above Friends... – 12/4/22

Matthew 11:2-19 “The Greatest Prophet Doubts” – Even godly believers have doubts and struggle to navigate a confusing fallen world. Sermon Points: #1 The Prophet Doubts (2-6) #2 The Prophet Prepares (7-11) #3 The Prophet Advances (12-15) #4 The Prophet Rejected (16-19) – 1/29/23

Matthew 11:20-30 “Escaping Greater Judgement” – No, not all sins are “equal in God’s eyes.” Sermon Points: #1 Greater Knowledge, Greater Judgement (20-24) #2 Proud Hiding, Humble Finding (25-27) #3 Weary Working, Savior Resting (28-30) – 2/19/23

Matthew 12:1-21 “The Sabbath Debate” – Jesus wins all debates that religious hard-hearted hypocrites try to get into with him. Sermon Points: #1 Sabbath Legalists Refuted (1-8) #2 Sabbath Hypocrites Enraged (9-14) #3 Sabbath Lord Brings Actual Rest! (15-21) – 2/26/23

Matthew 12:22-50 “Rotten Blasphemy vs Fruitful Family” – The beeps of the metal detectors of our words reveals the treasure in our hearts. Sermon Points: #1 Rotten Blasphemy (22-37) #2 Evil Generation (38-45) #3 Fruitful Family (46-50 & 33-37) – 3/5/23

Matthew 13:1-23 “Gospel Farmers Sowing” – Jesus uses a farming analogy to reveal the different ways people respond to the preaching, teaching, and reading of the Word of God. Sermon Points: Intro: Hidden Parables (1-17) Soil #1 Hard Path (3-4, 18-19) Soil #2 Rocky Ground (5-6, 20-21) Soil #3 Sharp Thorns (7, 22) Soil #4 Good Soil (8-9, 23) – 3/12/23

Matthew 13:24-43 “Farmers of Weeds and Faith” – Jesus is showing the very purpose in allowing both the destructive evil unbelievers in the world, along with growing fruitful believers… side by side. Sermon Points: Intro Parables: Faith Grows (31-35) Farmer #1: Jesus (24, 36-38a) Farmer #2: Satan (25-26, 38b-39a) Farmer #3: Disciples (27-29) Farmer #4: Angels (30, 39b-43) – 3/19/23

Matthew 13:44-58 “Treasure Rejected” – Hell is real, and if you don’t see the glories of the Kingdom in these parables, judgement is coming to you. Sermon Points: Q #1: Have you found the treasure? #1 Treasure Parables (44-45) Q #2: Are you protected by the treasure? #2 Dragnet Parable (47-50) Q #3: Do you teach the treasure? #3 Discipler Parable (51-52) Q #4: Have you accepted the treasure? #4 Treasure Rejected (53-58) – 3/26/23

Matthew 14:1-36 “Ministry after Mourning” – Jesus models for us the need to get away in order to persevere in ministry and life hardships. Sermon Points: 1 The Greatest Prophet; Beheaded (1-12) #2 The Hungry Multitudes; Fed (13-21) #3 The Fearful Disciples; Rescued (22-36) – 4/16/23

Matthew 15:1-20 “Religious Hypocrites” – Jesus shows us how to deal with picky, legalistic, easily offended religious hard hearts. Sermon Points: #1 Legalistic Hypocrites (1-9) #2 Offended Hypocrites (10-14) #3 Defiled Hypocrites (15-20) – 4/23/23

Matthew 15:21-39 “Outsider Humble Faith” – Gentiles show us how to humbly approach Jesus in faith in contrast to religious hard hearts. Sermon Points: #1 Desperate Outsiders (21-28) #2 Hurting Outsiders (29-31) #3 Hungry Outsiders (32-39) – 4/30/23

Matthew 16:1-12 “Beware of Pharisee Leaven” – Jesus sternly warns us of the dangerous permeating wicked influence of the religious hard hearts. Sermon Points: Walking through the Text: Pharisees & Sadducees (1-4) Thick Headed Disciples (5-12) Beware of #1 Addition Beware of #2 Subtraction Beware of #3 Judgmentalism Beware of #4 Boasting Beware of #5 Opposition – 5/7/23

Matthew 16:13-27 “Triumphant Church, Necessary Cross” – May the real rock of the church please stand up? Sermon Points: #1 God Inspired Profession (13-20) #2 Satan Inspired Objection (20-23) #3 Cross Inspired Dedication (24-28) – 5/20/23

Matthew 16:28-17:23 “Transfiguration Hope” – Jesus gives a glimpse of his glory to encourage his fledgling disciples. Sermon Points: #1 Transfiguration Glory (16:28-17:4) #2 Transfiguration Terror (5-8) #3 Transfiguration Questions (9-13) #4 Transfiguration Faith (14-23) – 5/28/23

Matthew 17:24-18:14 “Humble Greatness” – In a world that celebrate pride, Christianity promotes humble repentance. Sermon Points: #1 Humble Tax Fish Miracle (17:24-27) #2 Humble Greatness Child Protection (18:1-6) #3 Humble Radical Temptation Avoidance (7-9) #4 Humble Shepherd Stray Pursuit (10-14) – 6/11/23

Matthew 18:15-35 “Church Discipline & Forgiveness” – What do we do when members of our church won’t repent of their sin? Sermon Points: #1 Four Steps of Church Discipline (15-17) #2 The Keys of the Kingdom and Discipline (18-20) #3 Forgive! Don't Discipline the Repentant! (23-35) – 6/18/23

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