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A 1st John series considering the very important issues of assurance of salvation and the evidence of genuine Christianity found in the lives of believers. Preached by pastor Daniel Pelichowski (Current Series)

1 John Series: Sermon Text & Titles

1 John Series Introduction Sermon

1:1-4 “Do you believe in Jesus Christ?”

1:5-7 “Do you walk in the light?”

1:8-10 “Do you realize your sin?” 

2:1-2 “Do you have an advocate?" 

2:3-6 “Do you keep his commandments?” 

2:7-11 “Do you love other Christians?” 

2:12-14 “What stage of spiritual life are you in? 

2:15-17 “Do you love the world?” (upcoming sermon)

2:18-20 “Are you continuing in the faith?”

2:21-27 “Are you abiding in Christ?”

2:28-3:3 “Are you prepared for His return?”

3:4-10 “Do you make a practice of sin?”

3:11-24 “What makes you think you’re saved?”

4:1-6 What teachers are you listening to?

4:7-12 “Do you love?”

4:13-21 “Do you have the Spirit?”

5:1-5 “Are you born of God?”

5:6-12 “Do you have the Son?”

5:13-17 “Does your assurance lead to prayer?”

5:18-20 “Who is your God?”

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