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>> "Gospel Motivated Partnerships" 

As a church participating in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) please watch this sermon titled "Gospel Motivated Partnerships" to get a picture of our cooperation with other like-minded churches for Great Commission endeavors. The sermon explains why we are seeking Gospel motivated partnerships, not only through the Cooperative Program (CP) of the Southern Baptist Convention, but also promoting a vision that all of our participation and partnerships are due to our like-minded vision of ministry with other likeminded churches, ministries, pastors, and missionaries. 

As you will hear, our cooperation with the Great Commission Southern Baptists is robust, but we always evaluate all of our partnerships based on the Gospel and our Centered Church Commitments as a Word, Gospel, and Disciple Centered Church. This means that we seek align all of our ministry with this “bullseye” focus through our commitment to Expository Preaching, Intentional Discipleship, and the Great Commission, all to fulfill our mission of "glorifying God by building up and reaching out!"

This sermons purpose is to provide an overview of our Local, Domestic, and International cooperation and focuses on displaying our Gospel Motivated Partnerships, and also demonstrates the great reach that we have as a local church in partnering with other believers for the Glory of God in the fulfilling of the Great Commission. Please watch this sermon if you are interested in church membership to hopefully get excited about the ministry going on through FBC Gallatin. Please also note that there is of course always more to be said on this topic in terms of all of our partnerships entail in the SBC and beyond, and that there may be even more partnerships added from the time this sermon was first preached on 5/8/22.  

On that note, FBC Gallatin has recently (at the end of 2020) hosted one of our IMB missionaries that are now serving in South East Asia to get to know them personally, and also partner with them in prayer and occasional video conferences and meetings. We also partner with a local DOM (Director of Mission) and association (NGRBA) through undesignated giving and support as well. Furthermore, in 2022, FBC Gallatin had the privilege to get to know and support the ministry of the director of the Abu Dhabi extension campus of Gulf Theological Seminary who is doing the great work of training pastors and church workers who are serving all over the world. Click here to see photos of some of these partnerships. 

>> "Helping Hands"  Community Missions

We believe that the mission field begins when we step out of the church doors every week to go and share the Gospel and make disciples. As we strive to lead others to Christ, we also volunteer regularly to help others and specifically schedule work days and activities to help those in need. Recent projects have included painting the exterior of four homes where families or individuals face unusual and significant health or financial distress here in the Gallatin, MO, community. 

>> Adult Missions

HAITI -- People in need dramatically multiplied when the catastrophic earthquake struck the small Carribbean country of Haiti in January, 2010. An estimated three million people were affected by the quake; death toll estimates ranged from 100,000 to 159,000. Several members of First Baptist Gallatin have been sent to Haiti mission trips, led by church member Shelly Sims (R.N. and former director of Caldwell County Health Department) who had trekked to help Haiti for 10 years prior to the earthquake. To learn more, click on...
                                                               Samaritan's Purse International Relief or on Global Outreach International
or on Grace Evangelistic Ministries


Shelly Sims completes 17th mission trip to help our brothers and sisters in Haiti, sponsored by Gallatin First Baptist.

Bro. Wisny Exima of Mare Rouge, Haiti, leads First Baptist Gallatin worship service on March 30, 2014.   To learn more, click on...   "Thank you!"

BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND -- First Baptist Gallatin sent one of its members, Jonathan Arnold, to the Canvas House mission (located close to the University of Birmingham) to help English young adults understand, accept and embrace Christianity. Arnold's 4-month stay during 2013 was part of an ongoing mission where fewer than 9% of the population are evangelicals and the culture is considered "post-Christian."

                                                                To learn more, click on...   Canvas House

Jonathan's mission report given May 26, 2013

CARPENTERS FOR CHRIST -- For more than 20 years a carpenter's crew from the neighboring Harrison Baptist Association has helped to construct or remodel church buildings located throughout the United States. This mission, initiated by Bro. Ron Smith and continuing today through Roger Barker of Lake Viking, has included the service of three of our members. For the past 15 years Veda Heldenbtrand has worked as head cook with 4-6 other cooks to serve and support as many as 90 workers on carpentry misisons. Project locations have been at Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, Illinois, Arkansas, Indiana, and at Wyoming in 2013.                                                                            To learn more, click on...  Carpenters For Christ

BACKPACK BUDDIES -- Many students attending Gallatin R-5 Schools look forward to Fridays so they can get their backpacks -- a supplemental weekend feeding program coordinated through Second Harvest Community Food Bank headquartered in St. Joseph. First Baptist Gallatin joins many other organizations and individuals to financially support the fight against childhood hunger in local communities.
                                                                                                To learn more, click on...
Backpack Buddies | Second Harvest Community Food Bank

SENIOR CENTER -- The Area Agency on Aging offers a variety of programs for Daviess County senior citizens at the Senior Center. We support the local senior center financially and in other ways.

>> Youth Missions

1_Youth 750x400
2_Youth 2_750x400
6_Stocking Shelf 400x750
5_Stocking Shelf 400x750
4_Stocking Shelf 400x750

GALLATIN, MO -- Members of REACH youth completed a home mission project restocking a local food pantry during May, 2019.  REACH -- Students Reaching Toward God and Others

Joplin Mission 2012
Joplin Mission 2012
Joplin Mission 2012
Joplin Mission 2012
Joplin Mission 2012
Joplin Mission 2012
Joplin Mission 2012
Joplin Mission 2012

JOPLIN, MO -- The horrific tornado which devastated Joplin, MO, on May 22, 2011, offered the opportunity for outreach to those in need. Gallatin youth responded to help via EPIC missions in 2012 and 2013.   EPIC -- Eternally Positioned in Christ

>> Women's Missionary Union (WMU)

First Baptist Gallatin women join with mission-minded girls and women in an organization that has effectively extended various ministries worldwide since 1888. To learn more, click here

ANNIE ARMSTRONG -- Each Easter the challenges in North American missions are in focus through efforts of the North American Missions Board.

First Baptist Gallatin donations contribute to the overall goal of $70 million for 2014 and theme: "Firmly Planted... Rooted in the Gospel."
To learn more, click here

LOTTIE MOON -- Each Christmas we join with other church families to make an investment with eternal impact. Through ministries like medical outreach, meeting physical needs, evangelism and discipleship training, First Baptist Gallatin helps support church planting in the darkest corners of the globe. 
To learn more, click here

SHOE BOX MINISTRY -- For Christmas we join with others to collect shoe box gifts for disadvantaged boys and girls located around the world. Every shoe box offers an opportunity to share the Good news of Jesus Christ with a hurting child, according to Franklin Graham, president of Samaritan's Purse. Donated items are collected and boxed for shipping.   To learn more, click here



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