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Church Association


First Baptist Gallatin was a member of the Daviess County Baptist Association in 1901 and then the Daviess-Harrison Association until 1970 when the congregation voted to unite with the North Grand River Association. The following churches comprise the
North Grand River Association:


Alpha Baptist Church -- Trenton, MO

Edinburg Baptist Church -- Trenton, MO

First Baptist Gallatin -- Gallatin, MO

First Baptist Jameson -- Jameson, MO

First Baptist Lineville -- Lineville, MO

First Baptist Princeton -- Princeton, MO

First Baptist Trenton -- Trenton, MO

Galt Baptist Church -- Galt, MO

Jamesport Baptist Church -- Jamesport, MO

Laredo Baptist Church -- Laredo, MO

Medicine Valley Community MInistry -- Humphreys, MO

Mercer Baptist Church -- Mercer, MO

Modena Baptist Church -- Princeton, MO

Ravanna Baptist Church -- Princeton, MO

Rural Dale Baptist Church -- Trenton, MO

Salem Baptist Church -- Trenton, MO

Shelborne Baptist Church -- Trenton, MO

Spickard Baptist Church -- Spickard, MO

Tenth Street Baptist Church -- Trenton, MO

Union Baptist Church-Coon Creek -- Trenton, MO


Visit the association's website:

North Grand River Baptist Association

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