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January 2022 (A Biblical Social Media App?)

FBC Gallatin,

As many of you read or heard the new Pastors Report I presented last month highlighting all the God glorifying ministry that has gone on through our church the last few years as outlined below (and I’d encourage you to watch or listen to the report if you haven’t done so yet), there is a lot of great ministry that has gone on at FBC and is going on right now as well.

One area of ministry that has proven to be highly fruitful in the lives of members of our church and in the lives of Christians throughout church history is the daily reading of Scripture. And every year that I have been your pastor, you know that around January I have reminded you of this very important truth and I am going to unapologetically do it again now in January 2022!

There is a growing number of church members and friends who have joined the YouVersion Bible app and have connected as friends. Now, I know that social media can have mixed reviews amongst Christians, but who is going to argue with reading Scripture together and commenting and liking highlighted bible verses in a bible social media type app??? I wholeheartedly and unreservedly commend it to you and encourage you to sign up, start a program, and connect with friends here at our church as we read Scripture together and spur one another on in the Christian life!

Many of us have been following the Robert Murray M’Cheyne program which I will continue to read next year likely in a new translation as I’ve been switching it up year to year, but you can decide on any program and frequency that you might be drawn to. The app is great because there are many programs for you to choose from. So, as you are making your New Years resolutions, consider downloading the Bible App and starting a program and connecting with church members to read and discuss Scripture together throughout the year! And see the God breathed Scriptures fuel your life and discipleship like never before as you embark on the journey of reading Scripture; an endeavor that will not return void.


Pastor Daniel Pelichowski

FB Gallatin 2020-2021 Pastors Report Overview:

1. The Word was Preached

2. People were Discipled

3. People were Counseled

4. Pastors Led

5. Deacons Served

6. Trustees Fixed and Maintained

7. Music Ministry Led Worship through Song

8. We Supported in Gospel Motivated Giving

9. Fellowship was Cultivated

10. People Were Cared for and Served

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