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January 2020 (New Evening Prayer Service & Bible Reading Plan)

FBC Gallatin,

As I prepare to move my family from Murrieta, CA to Gallatin, MO, I’ve been praying for our upcoming ministry in 2020 and beyond. And as we begin a new year, I am very excited to announce that we will be starting a new evening worship service on Sunday nights at 6pm.

It will be a shorter service than our morning worship service and a bit more interactive where we will be able to sing together, pray corporately together, and also consider once again God’s Word together in a shorter devotional sermon.

The sermon texts on Sunday evenings will be chosen from the weeks daily Bible reading from Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s reading plan included as a handout along with this letter. And as you can see on the back of this letter, the plan can also be found on many Bible apps to download on your phone to track your progress and even listen to the Bible should you choose as well. I have been personally encouraged using this reading plan this past year and I intend on continuing this Bible reading plan in 2020 because I have found it very edifying.

The great thing about this plan is that it schedules approximately 15 minutes of reading a day from different books of the Bible which gives the big picture of the Bible throughout the year. And in only about 15 minutes a day, this plan will not only take you through the entire Bible, it will also cover the New Testament and Psalms twice throughout the year in addition to the rest of the Bible.

If you do not have a daily Bible reading plan, I encourage you to consider adding this plan to your goals for 2020. Not only will you be tremendously edified by the regular intake of the Scriptures, but you will also be reading alongside others in the church and can conveniently discuss together or even decide to read together on certain days. And then to top it all off, you will also get a “bonus” short sermon/devotional to go along with your readings during our Sunday evening services!

Lord willing, I plan on preaching Genesis 1:1 during our first Sunday evening service on January 5th 2020 which will coincide with what you will have read on January 1st if you choose to begin this reading plan with us. If you have another reading plan that you prefer, or if you don’t intend to start this new reading plan, or if you just don’t get to completing the reading on any given week for whatever reason, we’d love for you to come worship with us on Sunday evenings regardless. I want to be clear that this reading plan is not a requirement for evening worship but will only serve as a helpful supplement that just happens to coincide with the preaching texts for the Sunday evening services.

I will be continuing to pray for you as we approach a new year and Gospel ministry together, and I cannot wait to worship with you on the first Sunday of 2020!


Pastor Daniel Pelichowski

I use the below ESV bible app and under the free reading plans the Robert Murray M’Cheyne’s plan is an option to choose and it tracks your progress throughout the year and you can even listen to the Bible read as well. I have an iPhone so I take notes throughout the year using the notes app on my phone as well and can conveniently copy and paste relevant passages to my notes as I read.

Another option is the very popular YouVersion Bible app that pastor Wood uses on his phone. This app also has the M’Cheyne plan as an option and will track your progress and read to you as well from whatever translation of the Bible you would like to use.

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