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April 2024 (Don't Follow Your Heart)

FBC Gallatin,

We live in a culture and world system that absolutizes personal experience, feelings, and opinions that are at odds with the biblical world and life view. And as the world goes the way of expressive individualism as Carl Truman’s recent writing has coined it; self-expression becomes the primary driving force to so many people’s lives leading to lives lived in contradiction to God’s plan for our flourishing. When we rely on our own intuition and just follow the status quo and keep in step with our own hearts every whim and desire we are easily and quickly led astray. As Jeremiah 17:9 puts it; “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately sick; who can understand it?” So if our world puts forward a way of life that encourages us to pursue our every hearts inclination and desire and thought, and the bible reveals that our hearts and desires will inevitably deceive us, we have to make a choice. Will we follow our own way or God’s way?

And this conundrum in our day has led us to provide a place for discussion and wrestling with these topics in our Spring Intentional Discipleship Table Talks at FBC Gallatin. We just began our discussions last night but its not too late to join in on any Thursday the next two months to discuss Thaddeus Williams’ book “Don’t Follow Your Heart” as each week will tackle a different worldly cliché or mantra or worldview commitment that we must recognize and come against as Christians. The subtitle of the book is “Boldly Breaking the 10 Commandments of Self Worship” because each of the 10 chapters presents a different self-worship “doctrine” of our age that we must come against and refuse to be indoctrinated by these unbiblical thoughts and lifestyles. See below for the quick summary of the 10 chapters we will be discussing seen in the hashtag saying of our day and join us in becoming “heretics” against these 10 destructive ideas that is leading so many astray. And let us all not follow our hearts and seek our own glory, but instead follow God’s heart for his glory!


Pastor Daniel Pelichowski

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