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September 2020 (Gallatin Bulldogs Sports!)

FBC Gallatin,

As I write this letter, I am getting ready to attend my first sporting event at Gallatin High and that’s a very encouraging thing in light of the uncertainties and changes we’ve undone due to the pandemic. As we have all been unsure of how things were going to go this school year. And I know we are all thankful to God that schools have reopened and that many of us are feeling the excitement of sporting events and competition!

And as I’ve been studying and thinking a lot about the way God created us and who he created us to be, it is no wonder why we would be excited for human interaction, education, and competition because as image bearers of God, we have these capacities built in us that none of God’s other creation shares. For instance, you won’t see the squirrels and coyotes gathering together on the softball field to compete against each other, will you? And you certainly won’t see deer putting on helmets and padding up to smash into each other on the football field… But image bearers of God socialize, learn, develop, and compete in organized sports and it’s a blessing to participate in these things as image bearers, isn’t it?

I hope our gleanings from the first few chapters of Genesis this month will only further convince us of the blessings and privilege we all have to reflect God to the world in a variety of ways and social interactions, friendships, schooling, and sports are examples of just that. And as we see these things from Scripture, I encourage you all to see your life as an arena of living to glorify God as image bearers of God no matter what you are doing and to do all these things with excellence and joy for God’s glory!


Pastor Daniel Pelichowski

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