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October 2021 (Gospel Centered Women's Discipleship)

FBC Gallatin,

I’m writing this only a few hours before going into the hospital for labor to be induced for our son Noah. Stacy and I appreciate all the love, support, prayers, very generous and unexpected baby shower, and overall encouragement from you over the last several months as we have been preparing to become a family of 8. Thank you!

And as I just preached the sermon from Titus 2 “Gospel Centered Women’s Discipleship,” I want to encourage all of us as members of FBC Gallatin to prioritize and pray for opportunities to intentionally disciple other Christians in our church. For to, as Mark Dever put it, “help others follow Jesus” is one of the greatest endeavors any of us can devote our lives to. Therefore, it is my hope and prayer that we were all encouraged (both women and men) to prioritize this kind of discipleship ministry in our consideration of Titus 2:3-5 this past Sunday.

And as I mentioned in my sermon, I pray that the ladies of our church would take up the mantle and responsibility of women’s discipleship that God has given them, and run with it farther than we could ever have imagined. And I hope that you were all encouraged to increase in your love for God’s Word, and knowledge of healthy and sound doctrine so that you might continue to grow to greater level of maturity than you ever imagined you would have reached before.

And my prayer is not only that you grow in these ways, but that you might use your spiritual gifts to edify our church and to spiritually mother, disciple, and mentor the ladies in our church. This is such an urgent appeal that I am repeating it again here in my newsletter because like I said in the sermon, and like Paul taught Titus, this ministry is vital and cannot be done by pastors or other men. The truth is, Gospel Centered Women’s Discipleship can only be done by godly and mature older women who are able to teach and model and influence other Christian women towards biblical faithfulness in a world of chaos and rebellion. That’s my prayer for our church that I dream of as Stacy and I get ready to have our first Missourian baby very soon.


Pastor Daniel Pelichowski

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