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July 2023 (Sabbatical & Meaningful Members Meetings)

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

FBC Gallatin,

Thank you to all of our meaningful members who either participated in our first scheduled morning business meeting (now referred to as meaningful members meetings), and also to all the members who were open to discuss with pastor Wood and myself on the phone or in person to catch up on what you missed if you were unable to attend our May meaningful members meeting.

And thank you to all who followed up to that meeting in support of the good ministry at FBC, and came to the evening meeting in June or prayed for it if you were unable to attend to show your overwhelming support for pastor Wood in hearing about his sabbatical, and then wholeheartedly speaking in affirmation of his ministry, and also voting unanimously to provide Pastor Wood the first sabbatical in the history of our church that has been around for over 150 years! This combination of the May and June members meetings and follow ups, were in my estimation the healthiest church members meeting we have had since I have been your pastor; as it was so unifying and encouraging to be a part of them both! Thank you for your meaningful membership as you gathered, participated, and cared for fellow members here at FBC! Please continue on in that great work of meaningful church membership in the future all for God’s glory and the good of our church!

Another big change that we voted unanimously to implement during our June meeting was to decrease the number of members meetings throughout the year in order to make wise use of our time and get more member participation and attendance; while still meeting all of our needed responsibilities throughout the year! I believe we have a good plan to do this, and that it clearly made a lot of sense to the congregation based on their unanimous vote, to try to make our meetings more meaningful by ensuring that they are all purposeful and productive during the times we meet to carry out our meaningful membership responsibilities. Furthermore, this decrease from 12 monthly evening meetings, to now having only 2 evening meetings, and then 3 morning meetings allows more flexibility for people wanting to serve on some of our committees, that they may not have been able to commit to before, but are now able to more realistically decide to serve in new ways due to the new schedule (see the new members meeting schedule below).

Lastly, the VBS theme this summer on the armor of God will coincide with fun decorations throughout our church building during the month of July on that very theme. I will also be preaching a series through Ephesians 6:10-20 titled “The Christian’s Armor” dealing with the important topic of spiritual warfare. Please pray for me as I prepare to preach this series, and also pray for fruit for all of us who hear it that God would be glorified and that all would be edified by God’s Word! Also, please pray for the students and church members who will serve during our VBS teaching such important truths to all that might attend. Pray that they would hear the gospel and be saved if they are not already, and that the Christian students that attend would be built up and strengthened in their faith through our ministry to them at the end of the month!


Pastor Daniel Pelichowski

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