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October 2020 (Image of God)

FBC Gallatin,

As we have been seeing from our series in Genesis, being created in God’s image is an important and foundational theme in the bible. It’s important because it tells us who we are, and what we are to do, and how and why we are to do it. So many people in our world don’t know how to answer these questions but I’m so thankful that God has revealed these things to us and has given us direction in our lives from his word.

I would encourage you to think about how God created you and apply the things we see from Scripture to your lives. All of Scripture is authoritative for us and should shape the way we live and what we believe, but the book of Genesis and some of the themes we have been exploring collide in a very obvious way with the culture and world we live in. This makes it all the more important for us to be transformed in our thinking and living according to God’s word because opposing views and messages can easily cause us to think and live in ways contrary to God’s design and plan for us.

So, as we continue on in our series in Genesis titled Creation, Fall, Consequences; anticipate what God has revealed to us because his word makes all the difference in all of our lives. We are privileged to have a God who speaks to us in his word and has given us the answers and direction in life that we cannot get anywhere else.


Pastor Daniel Pelichowski

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