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November 2021 (Intentional Discipleship)

FBC Gallatin,

As believers, it is our lifelong goal and pursuit to seek to grow in greater maturity and spiritual health in the Christian life. And not only do we have this aim to grow ourselves, we also love to see others in our family and church grow as well. This desire is simply a built-in attribute in each and every one of us when we become Christians. This is why one of the commitments of our church is the priority of Intentional Discipleship at FBC Gallatin. We are not interested in merely drawing a crowd, but in growing maturing worshipers of our great God.

And as we have seen in our series on the topic titled Intentional Discipleship, it is our aim to see men, women, and children grow in their love for God and pursuit of Jesus to become more and more like Christ in their daily lives. If we don’t prioritize this, we will lose our focus as a church as well as the ability to reach our community with the Gospel. Therefore, we must all get our priorities in order and pursue intentional discipleship together. I encourage each and every genuine believer at our church to make it their aim to point others to Jesus in their homes, church, and throughout our community. If we can all catch this vision and passion to grow in our knowledge of God from His Word, and also prioritize the obedient application of God’s Word to our daily lives; we will grow as a healthy church by building each other up and reaching out to unbelievers in our lives and community for the glory of God!

As I think about our church, I’m thankful for all the evident growth in discipleship in many of your lives and the ways I have been encouraged by you to follow Jesus myself. And I know that this kind of discipleship influence is contagious, and if I have experienced your discipling impact, I know others have as well. Praise God for that! My encouragement to you is to keep it up and to grow in your own love for Jesus while you continue to point others to Jesus as well. And I want all of us to join together in this great task at FBC Gallatin, and if we do, I believe we will make a lasting impact in the lives of men, women, and children in our church and community that will surely glorify God and do great good!


Pastor Daniel Pelichowski

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