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March 2024 (Kingdom Sacrifice)

Updated: Jul 4

FBC Gallatin,

It’s fitting that we are back in the Gospel of Matthew in the final sermon series in the book exploring chapters 19-28 titled “Kingdom Sacrifice” as we also celebrate good Friday and Easter this month. Now, we won’t quite get to the death, burial, and resurrection in the series yet as we are only in chapters 19-21 at this time, but we will get to Jesus’ Triumphal Entry this next month in chapter 21 which will tie in well to the holiday season. Furthermore, even though we won’t get there in the series, you better believe that we will be seeing and thinking about Jesus’ death during our Ministerial Alliance Good Friday service which will be held here at our church this year, and also thinking about the resurrection on Easter Sunday as well!

All in all, Jesus’ Kingdom Ministry is something to behold! Whether he’s talking about Kingdom marriage, or children, or kingdom minded discipleship like we have recently seen, or whether he is preaching different sermons, or healing hurting people, everything Jesus does is great and glorious and praiseworthy! And it’s also clarifying and illuminating to us as well as he leads us and teaching us and calls us to himself in ways that only King Jesus can do as we have seen in this glorious Gospel! From the coming of the kingdom and the birth of Christ, to his powerful kingdom ministry transforming the world, to now his substitutionary sacrifice dying on the cross for us and our salvation. The King and his Kingdom provides it all for us and this month will be a treat to see more of that from Matthew, and also glory in the Good News during the Gospel weekend of Good Friday and Easter!

Glorify God and enjoy Him forever as the answer to such an important question goes! And thank God for this glorious Gospel always, but especially this month as we celebrate these truths in Word (preaching ministry), Song (Cantata and Concert), and prayer as we thank God together for this good, good news!  


Pastor Daniel Pelichowski


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