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March 2023 (Kingdom Parables)

FBC Gallatin,

How do you respond to God’s Word? Do you receive it with confidence and gladness seeking to apply it and live it out? Or do you hear it, and forget it a few days later? Or do you hear it, get excited about it a bit, and then completely ignore it for good chunks of your life when the spiritual high wanes? The reason I ask these questions is because March will be a month for us all to examine how we hear the Word.

In our series through Matthew, we will come to the famous parables of the Kingdom in Matthew 13 where we will see where Kingdom Power meets the work of the Word. Sometimes it may seem like the Word doesn’t seem to be working in our lives, maybe because we are looking for quick fixes and instant microwaved results like popcorn, however, that is usually not how the Word works as we will see in the parables in Matthew 13 where the Word has a much more steady and stable slow work in our lives.

Many of us who are familiar with farming and know how patience and time must be met with planting and cultivating in farming, which of course requires time and patience and a lot of unseen work going on underneath the farming in order to reap a future yield of crop. And as we will see, the Word works a lot like farming and is the very illustration Jesus gives us is once again! And as we’ve seen truths already about Gospel Farming before, and Gospel farmers called and sent, we will now see Gospel farmers and farming at work in our lives as we hear the Word in this famous chapter in the Gospel of Matthew.

Plan on soaking in the very important teaching of Jesus this month and examining your own heart as it relates to the Word doing a work in your own life. And let it set the stage for your own Gospel Farming as you share the good news with others which directly ties into our Spring 2023 Intentional Discipleship Table Talks theme of Evangelism starting also this month. The great ministry that some of us were blessed by at the 9Marks Evangelism conference we experienced and Midwestern Seminary last month will just be further solidified and driven home in Matthew 13 and evangelism table talks.

Let’s all pray that the Word of God would shape us all in these things as God regularly does through the preaching of God’s Word. For as we are reminded in Romans 10:17; “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”


Pastor Daniel Pelichowski

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