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July 2021 (Equipped Saints)

FBC Gallatin,

I write this in the midst of our nominating committee deliberations as we seek and pray to find church members to serve the various ministry positions at our church. It has been so encouraging to see how God has been working in our church and all our members to do the work of the ministry at First Baptist Church. I have been impressed by the collaboration and teamwork displayed by the committee, and I have been just as impressed by the commitment of our church members to do the work! Praise God for His faithfulness to fill these positions, and not only that, for all the great work that will be done throughout the year…

The reason I am so encouraged by all of this is not only because we are working together, but because it is biblical! I preached my candidating sermon in November of 2019 on Ephesians 4 and preached then what I am seeing put on display now in our church. That is, Pastors are to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. And that we are all to build one another up as a body in love. Thank you all who have so faithfully continued to serve in various positions as well as those who have been willing to serve in new positions. God is faithful and has answered our prayers!

I also pray for all of us as we seek to do the work of the ministry this next year in these various positions. I pray that you would be encouraged in the gospel and in your ministry, and that you would be an encouragement to others you serve as well. Churches across the country are all seeking to rebound from the discouraging and challenging past year and I am confident in God that he will use each on of us to that end at First Baptist Church of Gallatin because He who began a good work in each of us is carrying it out to completion until the day of Christ (see Phil 1:6).

Let’s all be praying for our church and for each other in the various ministries of our church. Let’s be praying for camp and VBS this month. Praying for each of the new members serving in different roles, and the existing members continuing in their roles as well. Let’s pray that we would be united in the gospel together as we seek to fulfill the great commission as we build each other up to also reach out to the world with the gospel.


Pastor Daniel Pelichowski

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