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July 2020 (Providence in Pandemic)

FBC Gallatin,

It has been an unpredictable year but thankfully we have a faithful God to worship through it all. We know He is there for us even when it seems like everything is falling apart. And we are given direction from His word that relates to all areas of life including the uncertain times we have been experiencing during this pandemic. God is faithful always and continues to show us His goodness and grace every single day. And as we were so helpfully reminded last week during the rescheduled cantata surrounding the life, death, and resurrection of Christ; the Gospel is still and will always be the best of news that we cherish and proclaim until He returns regardless of our circumstances. And we get to worship Him on a consistent basis daily in our homes and also as we gather weekly to worship together at FBC.

One example of God’s wisdom and care for us during this difficult season is the relaunching of our Sunday School classes and the fact that the Lifeway curriculum just happens to be going through 1st Peter! This is so encouraging because this particular letter addresses suffering and persecution and uncertainty. Needless to say, the editors of that the Bible Studies for Life series did not foresee a global pandemic when deciding the Summer 2020 themes, but God did! And I have been blessed myself attending the studies of different classes going through this book and have just been struck by the undeniable providence of God caring for us with His powerful word! And while I realize not everything has gone back to normal, it is a grace to be able to gather together with some of you in more ways now while also providing care and the online stream of the service for our members who are staying home.

And with the relaunching of our Sunday school in June that has been such an encouragement, I am also excited for our relaunching of our evening prayer worship service in July as we sing together, hear together, and pray together on the 1st and 3rd Sunday evenings of the month. It was nice to be able to introduce our evening worship services in the morning online stream during the pandemic so more people could experience praying together, but I’m even more excited to actually be praying together in person with more and more of you as we relaunch our evening services. I hope you all get to experience the blessing and joy of praying together about the most important things of life to our almighty God by coming to our evening prayer services. And whether or not you feel comfortable praying publicly, being able to pray in person with other and say “amen” to the prayers that we pray together is such a unifying and edifying practice for us to be doing together and I look forward to restarting that service again this month.

And as we all look at the constantly changing news headlines, let us all remember that we have a mighty God who is in control and sovereign over all things. And that He is wise and gracious and loving to us all the time. Let us together seek to worship and glorify God continually during this difficult season and let us continue to cast all our cares and anxieties on Him as we worship Him with all our lives.


Pastor Daniel Pelichowski

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