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February 2023 (Sports to the Glory of God!)

FBC Gallatin,

Sometimes Christians can get the idea that our actions and lives that are for the glory of God are limited to church services, bible studies, and revival meetings and those things of course glorify God if done faithfully, but I want to encourage us to see that we can glorify God in all areas of life outside of these formal church activities. In fact, if we are limiting our focus on glorifying God to just those times, we will be living hypocritical lives and fail to be salt and light in a fallen world.

So, while it may not seem very spiritual to be mentioning the Kansas City Chiefs in a monthly church newsletter, I want to remind all of us that getting excited about a football game and watching it even with family and friends and even church friends is something that can be done to the glory of God! As a matter of fact, we will be having another annual Superbowl Fellowship party together to watch the big game and cheer on the Chiefs, eat good Superbowl snacks and food, let the kids play a variety of games like beanbag toss, have a half-time devotion, and just have a good time with each other to the glory of God!

I say all of this to invite you to come, and also for you to feel free to invite family and friends to come as well. The more the merrier as the louder and more exciting the better in my book! And this is a time to even think about connecting your unbelieving friends with a Superbowl party at FBC Gallatin because even if they may not ever be all that interested in attending a church service, it would be great to meet them and have an opportunity to get to know them at the Superbowl party at our church.

On a similar theme, we also have about 10 of us going to a conference this month at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where there will be a 9 Marks of a Healthy Church conference on this very topic of Evangelism. I know one of the emphases is going to be thinking about evangelism to unbelievers in multifaceted ways in all of life and not just on Sunday Morning worship services. I think that this will be a great opportunity to hopefully put this reality into practice and it will be an incredible blessing even if just one unbelieving neighbor or friend who doesn't know the Gospel happens to attend with one of us. Furthermore, it will also be a tremendous blessing to just hang out with other church members and friends and family who might attend and have a great time cheering on the Chiefs to the glory of God because God wants us to enjoy even things like a football game together as believers!

1 Corinthians 10:31 So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”


Pastor Daniel Pelichowski

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