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December 2023 (Merry Christmas FBC!)

FBC Gallatin,

I love the Christmas season because it’s an annual reminder of God the Father sending the Son for us and our salvation! And we have a glorious month packed full of great ministry at FBC Gallatin where we can meditate and rejoice in just that. This year we will actually have 4 Christmas sermons on the Advent topics (Hope, Peace, Joy, Love) leading up to Christmas to prepare all our hearts to be meditating on the Gospel of the Son coming to the world to be born, the live, to die, and to raise for rescue!

And not only will we have Sunday morning preaching on the significance of Christmas, but also other avenues of being reminded of these great truths through fellowship meals and meetings, musical cantata performances, and other evening services as well where we can continue to sing and pray and hear the Word preached exalting King Jesus and all that he came to accomplish!

So as you listen to the sermons, sing along with the songs, and enjoy the fellowship this month, let all the blessings of reminder God has in store for us be used to build us up in the faith so that we might grow in our love and devotion to our great God! And let us not forget, our great Triune God loved us so much that He sent His Son, and His Son went willingly and gave himself for us, and the Holy Spirit is our guarantee of our inheritance in the way He gives us spiritual life and points us to glorify and magnify God and rejoice this month in the savior of the world.

Merry Christmas FBC!


Pastor Daniel Pelichowski 

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