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August 2021 (First "Normal" Summer & Table Talk Announcement)

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

FBC Gallatin,

The Lord has been so good to us to allow our church to continue in our ministries this summer that were all canceled last year due to the pandemic. Camps, VBS, associational meetings, church picnic, and even an upcoming fishing tournament with our Brotherhood ministry! All I can say is that though we have been busy in various ways, being amongst God’s people, and ministering to our community is so encouraging especially after having these types of events canceled the year before.

And as we continue on this summer winding up towards the school year, I hope we can all just thank our great God for the opportunity for all of this encouraging ministry that we have done and are continuing to do. I also want us to be thinking about and be reminded of what we’ve been learning from Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount in chapter 6 that in all that we do we are to do it for the glory of God and the smile of God and the pleasure of God as opposed to the gaze of others. I hope that we are all motivated for this sole purpose of glorifying God in all we do and letting our light shine before the watching world not to get their praise and acclamation, but to point to our great God so that he is magnified in all we do as a church.

I am also excited for our informational meeting at the end of this month of August (8/22) to ramp up to our soon to be launching weekly “Intentional Discipleship Table Talks.” I will share more information later this month, but these meetings will be made available to both men and women in our church starting on Thursday (9/9/21) and continuing weekly until 11/18/21 where we will break for the holidays and winter only to start another session up the following spring (2/3—4/14) with the summers off. And as I first shared about this in our January “Centered Commitments” series; as your pastor, and as a church, we are committed to expository preaching, intentional discipleship, and the Great Commission and these discipleship meetings will seek to intentionally encourage Christian discipleship to anyone who is interested in growing together during this season so that we can be built-up and then able and motivated to reach out with the gospel to our community, friends, families, and coworkers with a Great Commission focus.

I am looking forward to all that the Lord might do during these meetings this next year and beyond as I am planning on leading us in this way into the future for the glory of God and the good of His children! Would you commit to praying for me as I lead these discussions and our church and anyone who might decide to participate in these “Intentional Discipleship Table Talks?” And would you pray about and consider if this might be a good time to dive into some intentional discipleship in your Christian life either now or in one of our subsequent classes in the future? I am praying these things along with you and for you and trusting God to work in greater ways than any of us can imagine.


Pastor Daniel Pelichowski

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