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Help Wanted

First Baptist Gallatin is seeking a part-time Church Secretary. Scheduled weekday office hours, additional hours as necessary.  Compensation commensurate with experience.  Email your resume w\references before Thursday, Feb. 28, to 

Job Description - Church Secretary

Office Hours:  Monday-Friday  9 a.m. to 12 noon   (or as needed)
Offering $180/week;  approved “comp time” may affect regular office schedule to keep within budget  (approx. 15 hours/week)
Employment commences with 90-day initial probationary period


1.  Must be a born again believer in Christ; member in good standing if applicable.
2.  Must have work related secretarial/clerical experience.
3.  Strong computer skills are imperative with typing accuracy and willingness to learn new software if necessary.  
          Proficiency in the use of standard office equipment.
4.  Strong organizational skills, excellent command of English composition, grammar, punctuation.
5.  Professional and warm attitude, demonstrating high level of trust and maintaining a high degree of  confidentiality,
          discernment, and wise judgment.


1.  Recognize that work done in the office is related to ministry and as such, perform all work duties “heartily, as for the Lord”         (Colossians 3:23 ESV).  On a daily basis the secretary comes into contact with many individuals through phone calls, mail and
in-office visits.  This individual, therefore, must be people oriented and have a heart for service.
2.  Should always exhibit professionalism, demonstrated by well-groomed appearance, conscientious work ethic, accountability, and desire for excellence with attention to details. Should show love and respect for people of all ages and life circumstances. Should be willing to seek new information, training and resources as needed.
3.  Should be willing and able to work at a fast pace within a variety of settings and circumstances, with composure and flexibility.
4.  Should be a self-starter, able to work independently without supervision, good at multitasking and prioritizing projects.


The church office is the business and communications center of the church. The primary function is to oversee all activities of the office and to keep it running smoothly. This position is a primary face, voice and reflection of the church to the public and therefore, should represent Christ and the church in a positive manner. This person will serve and extend the efforts of all church officers and will report directly to the pastor and/or deacon officers.


1. Maintenance and organization of entry foyers.
2. Ordering office supplies, ensure equipment is in good working order.
3. Organization and maintenance of church calendar; include on weekly bulletin. Accurate time, place, group or class should be
          recorded.  This may include updating messages on outdoor signs.
4. Accurately process all incoming and outgoing communications as directed by pastoral staff by:  
          • proper handling and distribution of mail, email, and messages, and prompt response to same
          • screening and routing all incoming calls
          • making appointments, handling drop-ins
5. Assist in presenting and implementing policies for use of facility; coordinate scheduling with pastoral staff
           (i.e., weddings, baptisms, events, etc.).
6. Serve as official custodian of records and prepare certificates as needed (new members, baptisms, weddings, deaths, etc.).
           Assist clerk in preparing annual reports as needed.
7. Attend monthly business meetings of the church.
8. Routine filing of paperwork; maintain orderly and current files.
9. Distribute information packets to new members.
10. Coordinate travel arrangements as needed for conventions, etc.
11. Notify  pastoral staff of member hospitalizations, deaths, etc.
12. Prepare, proof, print and fold weekly bulletins.
13. Maintain petty cash with accurate records and receipts.
14. Post church events regularly to church Facebook page and website.  Post weekly sermons to website.
15. Collect and compile articles, compose and distribute  monthly newsletter.
16. Coordinate communications between FBC and North Grand River Assn., including newsletter articles and calendar schedules.
17. Prepare and mail personal card/letters to members on behalf of FBC (birthday, anniversary, sympathy, thank yous, etc.).
18. Maintain record of equipment loaned out of the church building.
19. Maintain a current list of key holders, provide keys to personnel as needed.  Collect keys when people leave or move.
20. Other duties as may be necessary to assist in the administration of church activities, policies and programs.

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