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March 2020 (A.C.T.S Prayer)

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

FBC Gallatin,

I’m thankful that the Lord has been allowing us some consistency with our weekly worship services without any weather interruptions. It’s been very encouraging to worship alongside all of you and to have the great privilege to lead you in worship through the Word and prayer as well. And starting our series in 1st John has been a blessing to prepare for and preach. It’s always exciting for me in the preparation process to explore and learn so much about the Bible and a particular book and specific verses that I hadn’t fully delved into before. I am praying that God would use the preaching of his Word through the book of 1st John to edify us all as we consider the evidence of genuine Christianity and the blessed assurance of faith that believers can enjoy.

I am also glad we were able to start our Sunday evening worship services back up again after a long break in between due to weather and other meetings on Sunday evenings. I am particularly encouraged by our congregational prayer time where we have been able to pray together asking God to both unify and build up our church, but also to use us to reach out to our community with the Gospel message as well.

We have been following the acronym A.C.T.S. in our prayer requests and prayers. Starting with taking prayer requests for truths that we can praise God for in Adoration because we want to approach God not just asking him for things, but to also praise Him for who He is! We then take prayer requests and volunteers to pray regarding the prayer of Confession where we acknowledge our sin before God and ask His forgiveness in light of our sinfulness. We then move on to consider all the things we are Thankful for realizing that all good things come from God alone and we make sure to praise him and thank Him for these things. Lastly, I have prepared some key prayer requests that we also take volunteers to pray for in Supplication (intercessory prayer) where we pray to God with particular requests regarding the love and unity of our church members, our mission to reach our community with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, our various ministries at FBC, people suffering physically and emotionally, and even prayers for other likeminded churches to carry out the Great Commission as well. We would encourage all of our members and visitors alike to attend our evening worship services where we sing together, hear the Word of God together, and then pray together corporately as well.

And for those of you who might not have noticed yet, we now have all of our sermons available to listen to online at our churches “Faithlife” sermon webpage that hosts our sermons. And for those of you who use the podcast app on your phones, we also have a sermon podcast you can subscribe to as well where you can listen to sermons on the podcast app. You can find links to both of these options for listening to sermons on our website under the sermon tab and even see weekly links to sermons on our Facebook page as well.

As we look to begin a new month ahead please know that I am praying for you. I would ask that you would pray for me as well. But not only that, I would encourage you to pray for each other (especially those of you who are members of FBC Gallatin). It is all of our great privilege, opportunity, and even responsibility (for those of us who are members) to pray for each other and seek to use our gifts to do spiritual good to one another as well. I pray that we are all building each other up by praying for each other and serving each other for the glory of God and for the good of our church and further impact of our community.


Pastor Daniel Pelichowski

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